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Becoming Our Patient

What to Expect
What To Expect

Once your referral is received, our physician Dr. Wu will personally review all information within 24 hours. The office will contact you within three business days to schedule your appointment.

You will meet with the doctor to review your symptoms and test results, have a physical exam, and begin developing your treatment plan. You will then talk to our Patient Navigator to organize the next steps in your care.

If surgery is recommended, the office team will manage the pre-operative preparation process. Dr. Wu will perform your surgery, and the team will arrange your care through the end of your treatment.

Preparing for First Appointment

Your Medical Records

Gather Your Medical Records

We need your records to make sure we come up with the best plan for your care. When we contact you for an appointment, we may ask you to collect additional reports, pathology slides, or imaging disks to bring to the visit. You can use this medical records release form to request that your doctors send information directly to us.

Insurance Coverage and Financial Security

Insurance Coverage & Financial Support

Most insurance plans, including Medi-Cal, are accepted. If you have questions regarding your benefits, our Patient Navigator can guide you in understanding your coverage.

During the evaluation and treatment course, make sure your insurance stays active so there are no delays in your care.

Some patients may be eligible to apply for our sliding fee payment program to defray the cost of office visits.

We will work with you to make sure you get the care you need in a timely fashion.

What to Bring

Your Insurance card and co-pay

List of medications you take regularly

Your medical records

Your questions

A loved one for support

Follow-up Care &
Long Term Monitoring

After any hospitalization, the office team will call within three days of your going home to see how you’re recovering, and to schedule a follow-up appointment.

We encourage you to call with any questions or concerns related to your condition. Outside of 9 am to 5 pm, the office phone number will go to an answering service that can connect you with our on-call provider.

The office team will assist with disability paperwork and work notes during your treatment course.

Our Patient Navigator will help arrange consultations with other specialists, ancillary care, and/or home health care, as needed.

We will discuss your long-term monitoring and surveillance visits when you’ve completed initial treatment. Call for an earlier appointment if you have new, persistent, or unexplained symptoms.

If you need to miss a scheduled appointment, please call 559-451-3676 at least 24 hours prior.

Your Medical Records

Your Medical Records

You can access some of your test results here:

This link will transfer you to a secure electronic medical record that is not stored on this site. If you have technical questions about the website or logging in, please email for assistance. If you have questions about the medical information in your record, please reach out to us.